What Do Different Flowers Signify And Symbolize?

Come the month of May and the thing foremost on everyone’s mind is that Mother’s day is soon approaching and how can they make it special for their mother. For those living under a stone, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May every year.

The most obvious question on every child and sometimes even on a husband’s mind, as the day approaches close, is what mothers day gifts Melbourne to give the lady who is special beyond words and who has done so much for you. There are a number of options, right from the tried and tested option of serving breakfast in bed made by the entire family to taking her out to a special dinner or even a movie. Putting together a hamper of all the things she loves is also another option. But nothing can beat the popularity of saying it with flowers. It might not be a novel idea but wishing your mother by gifting her mothers day flowers is still guaranteed to make her feel special and to melt her into tears. It could be a single flower, a bouquet of beautiful blooms or even a potted arrangement, or one in a vase or even a terrarium. Flowers can be gifted in any of these forms. However, would it not be even more special and unique if you knew what different flowers symbolize and you could include that in your card too?

What different flowers symbolize?

  • Carnations Long considered the flowers meant for mother’s day, carnations are the first choice. It all started with Anna Jarvis in North America in the early 1900s. She proposed a holiday dedicated to mothers and vehemently went about propagating the proposal. During one such church service she distributed 1000 white carnations to mothers and from that day carnations have become the symbolic flowers for mother’s day. Pink carnations signify unconditional love, innocence, gentleness and thoughtfulness while white carnations signify truth, purity and perfection. Purple carnations are for elegance and grace while yellow are for respect, trust and compassion and red carnations for passion and deep love.
    • RosesIf your mother loves all things traditional, opt for roses to gift her. Light red or pink roses symbolize appreciation and gratitude while yellow roses signify a caring and loving nature. White roses mean brightness along with purity.
      • Gerbera daisies Just like the colourful flowers, they symbolize cheerfulness as they radiate happiness.
        • Tulips This flower which has a happy appearance and even signifies coziness and comfort is for a mother with an easy going attitude who is light hearted and happy just like the flower. So, select the flowers that best represent your mother and tell her how much she is loved and appreciated.