Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bong

There are many reasons for buying a bong such as a having a broken bone, being a beginner to the smoking scene, being tired of cleaning the bong you have or wanting to upgrade to a better version to get an improved experience. There are also many additions you can have for a bong.People use a variety of devices for smoking such as pipes, vaporizers, chillums, steam rollers, cheap beaker bongs etc. 

You will be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices available to you. There are different materials for bongs as well like glass, ceramic, wooden, acrylic etc. The most commonly used material is glass. This is something that will be reliable and easy to use. Plastic or acrylic bongs will be quite cheap and it will be something that you can get as a beginner to see what the experience would be like. Bamboo bongs are quiet durable and they look very stylish as well. Then there are ceramic bongs which are quite delicate but they come in a variety of beautiful designs. It all depends on what you like really. You will have to start from somewhere. Once you gain experience, you will be able to upgrade and find a bong that is ideal for you. 

The first thing you should consider is the environment in which you’re using the beaker blow or percolator water pipe or whatever the type of bong you have. The frequency of usage is also important. Think about whether it is something you’ll only be using at home or if it is something that you take with you when you travel. Maintenance is also an important issue. You need to think about how often you will have to clean the bong. If you’re a beginner and you’re buying your first bong, you have to think about your lung capacity. Since you’re trying out something new, you need to do it safely and in a gradual process so that your body becomes accustomed to it. If the bong is too tall for you, you will not be able to fill its chamber with smoke and you will not be using it to its maximum effect. You need to think about the dimensions of the bong. Consider the dimensions of the chamber and the mouthpiece of the bong. You need to purchase something that you’re comfortable to use. Larger bongs have more chances for breakage than smaller ones. They also need a lot of space. This will become quite a nuisance if you’re travelling with it as they will not be very portable. It is pretty great for home use, however. But you need to store it safely so that it doesn’t become damaged.