How To Set Up A BBQ Party

Having a BBQ party can be fun and enjoyable. It is not difficult to plan a BBQ party as it does not require much but people tend to forget certain things. BBQ parties are meant to be minimum but with a lot of fun. The food is a very large part of the party and sometimes it should be marinated earlier. There are few things to keep an account of. Here’s how to set up a BBQ party.

The food

The food is an important part of the party. You don’t want people talking about the lack of food at your party. Usually a BBQ consists of food such as chicken, ribs, burghers and sausages. There may be vegetarians who attend the party so be sure to get some veggie burghers to keep them covered. If possible marinate the food the day before. When the food is marinated and kept a while it taste better when Barbequed. It is not a must but it is something worth doing. Further when cooking the food, be sure to cook it in low heat to get the best tasting meat. Don’t forget the mayonnaise, ketchup, BBQ sauce and other little things you may need.

It may take some time to cook the meat so have some snacks as well. Ice cream would be useful to have after the BBQ and have plenty of cool drinks. Have chilled beer and lot of cool juices. Keep everything in containers covered with ice.

Have the grill ready

Depending on the number of people you may either use one grill or a few more. Be sure the grill is in good condition and clean so that you don’t have to worry about any issue later. The grills should be side by side for the chef. Further don’t forget the coal and have the grill lighted up early so that the guests don’t have to wait until you light it up.

The garden, seating and tables

Make sure you have outdoor furniture and the garden should be clean. Clean the garden the day before and the morning before the BBQ. Having everything tidy is important. Have another table near the grill where the chef can keep their utensils when not cooking. You could have another table for guests to collect their plates, forks and knives. You could have someone take the plates and utensils after the guest are done eating or have a dustbin for them to dispose of the leftovers and leave their plates on a table.

Be sure you have plenty of chairs for the guests to sit on. There are many places with discounted perfect wicker outdoor furniture you could purchase easily. Even plastics chairs would do too.


Entertainment is an important part of the party and you should have some music going. Further you could have some entertainment for the children who attend the BBQ.This list has most of the things covered but there are a few things such as the weather which you should check a day earlier, the chef or whoever is handling the cooking is ready and to be safe.