How To Make Your Bedroom A Place Of Peace

A ridiculous amount of people are walking around today with barely any sleep. Our increasingly demanding 21st century lifestyles are taking a serious toll on our body. Sleep deprivation has a lot more to do with than just irritability, irregular hunger patterns and sleepiness. It has everything to do with anxiety, depression and weight gain which, if not taken care of can escalate to bigger issues. Believe it or not, a lot of these problems start small though you may not be aware of it right away. Here, you will be able to have a look at how you can transform your bedroom into a place of peace from chaos.


Perhaps you are the sort of person who loves to play around with colours. Which is fair enough. Colour adds a lot of character and depth to a space and offers many interesting layers. However, when it comes to your bedroom, this approach might be a tad much. This is where you go to sleep every night and it can be hard when there are too many distractions.

If you really want a pop of colour, go with muted tones like velvet cushions online against a light backdrop. Try not to overdo it and use just two layers of colour maybe to strike a balance.  


Some people tend to have a habit of watching movies and television series before falling asleep which is actually quite bad for your sleep cycle. Your brain is being kept wide awake thanks to the artificial light, and since you have not really prepped for sleep, your mind is still restless. Sure your body will rest up but your mind will be halfway between sleep and wakefulness. Put away your computer and television and do not even include them in your bedroom. Books are alright, but no electronics.


This might seem ridiculous on account of being fairly obvious, but you would actually be surprised as to how many people sleep on the most uncomfortable beds. This is often because they have no paid attention to it in years. Naturally with time, its condition deteriorated and it needs a revamp. Whether you prefer linen bed sheets or spring mattresses, you need to assess your bed every so often. This is where you sleep and you need it to be comfortable as well healthy, in that it supports your body. Give it the attention it deserves.


This too has an incredible effect on your sleep cycle. From the lamps in your room to the natural sunlight, it is important to adjust lighting accordingly. Do not fix lights that are too bright or even white lights for that matter. Go with soft, yellow glows that are strategically placed in corners. What you are essentially going for is a calming of the mind so the harsher the light the worse it is. Use perfect curtains to block out morning light when you need to sleep, although you should be careful not to sleep in as well so maybe something light should do it.