Creating The Picture-Perfect Tea Party

Remember the days when you played tea party with your dollies? Well now that you are all grown up you can throw your own tea party inviting all your friends or family. Tea parties are also the perfect way of inviting your kid’s friends over to have a great time. Not only is it easy to set up one but also a lot fun to have. Here are a few essential things to be considered when organizing your tea party;

Center pieces and settingCenter pieces and colorful table spreads play a great deal of importance when you want to get that Alice in wonderland tea party your kid has been dreaming about. Something that is quite noticeable in a tea party are the vibrant colors that are used, creating the picture-perfect tea party ever.  You could use a vase of colorful fresh flowers as a center piece to add to the energetic and vibrant effect or may be even those mason jars you’ve got lying around could be turned into the perfect center piece by placing tea lights or candles inside them to set the mood. Paper doily table runners or your own striped burlap table runner could be used as table spreads to add to the look you’re going for. Use the designer outdoor furniture you’ve got, to create that flawless seating arrangement and let your kid live the dream tea party she has always wanted!

Desert standsAlthough there are different ways in how you could design your outdoor dining settings to create the perfect mood for a tea party, I suggest using a simple yet elegant look, thus serving in style! If you are going to serve cupcakes, macaroons, muffins or some pastries, a desert stand to set them in would be ideal. You could buy a desert stand by paying quite a few bucks or you could make your own desert stand and decorate it just the way you want with hanging crystals on the corners or little jewels added to the mouth of the plate.

Garlands Garlands are the perfect ways to decorate a place to look simple and chic. It is also an easy decoration to be made. You could use ribbons of different colors to make a garland or doily and burlap garland to add a vintage look or even a garland made from prints and patterns too would be great. Whichever the type you choose, make it as colorful and vibrant as possible to go with whatever theme you are going for. To know more about designer outdoor furniture Brisbane, visit

Place settingsYou could make little card stands to highlight the place settings and have little macaroons on the tea cup to add to the inviting feeling. However the arrangement needs to be made in manner where it creates an opportunity to create new bonds while also having a close touch with those who are also part of one’s comfortable zone. Hopefully the above may help you in creating that perfect tea party that will not only be enjoyable and fun but also relaxing and stress free. Don’t forget the camera to capture the wonderful memories while you also live them!